Our engagement

  Delquignies is involved to provide the most efficient and environment friendly service.

Certification ISO9001

"The establishments that succeed are those that chose the QUALITY as the main criteria of their organization at the service of the client."

Charter "Objective CO2"

"The charter objective CO2 is a part of the global approach of the fight against the climate change and precisely the reduction of the CO2 emission."

AEO Status
(Authorised Economic Operator)

Statut d'Opérateur Economique Agréé (en cours)
Certificat AEO
N° FR00001148

"The status of the authorised economic operator (AEO) is given to the most reliable community operators. This package allows facilitating the exchange and better security of the flows of the goods in European Union."

Member of "CD2E"
(Création Développement Eco-Entreprises)

Membre "Création Développement Eco-Entreprises" (CD2E)

CD2E is a major unique actor in France which is especially dedicated to professions of the sector of the Nord-Pas de Calais environment.