Our Customs service and fiscal representation accompanies the industrials in the management of the administrative and customs formalities.

The knowledge of customs and fiscal formalities is an important know-how that limits the risk related with international exchange. In order to liberate the industrials of these restraints and administrative risk we propose you the service of customs broker on the North board of France :

  • Declaration of the exchange of the goods (obligatory statistics)
  • The implementation of the customs audit procedures
  • Customs clearance procedure for Import-Export
  • Determination of customs regime
  • Payement of the taxes
  • Fiscal presentation

Status of the agreed economic operator

Our service has received the status of Economuc Operator Agreed in 2012.



Management of customs warehousing

Our warehouses are agreed by the customs administration to stock and manage the goods that have the exoneration of VAT and the rules of customs.


Customs control